History of the PKG® system

Initial development of the technology behind the PKG® system began in the late 1990s by Professor Malcolm Horne and Dr Rob Griffiths at the world-renowned Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia. The pair worked on developing the data logger, assessment and report creation technology and in 2007, Global Kinetics Corporation (GKC) was established to commercialise this innovative technology.

The PKG® system has evolved to include advanced monitoring technology and reporting capabilities and in 2016 the next generation data logger featuring an interactive touch-screen design – the PKG Watch  was launched.

Key milestones for the PKG® system:


  • Development of the first commercial prototype of the PKG® commenced
  • TGA ARTG entry made


  • EU Declaration of Conformity submitted


  • MHRA (UK) entry


  • First batch of PKG® Data Loggers (Generation 1.0) manufactured
  • First commercial patient PKG® movement recording completed at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne
  • First clinical paper published
  • Entry into the European market


  • FDA 510 (k) clearance received
  • Fluctuation and Dyskinesia Score included on the PKG®


  • Tremor Score included on the PKG®
  • PKG® Watch launched in the USA and Europe


  • American Medical Association(AMA) issued CPTIII codes (effective on January 1st 2019)