World Parkinson's Day - 11th April


World Parkinson’s Day is held on 11th April each year.  It marks the birthday of Dr James Parkinson, who published the first detailed essay on ‘Shaking Palsy’ in 1817, and established Parkinson’s as an internationally recognised medical condition.

This year marks the 200th anniversary since the essay was first published and to mark this occasion, Parkinson’s UK and the European Parkinson’s disease Association (EPDA) have developed the #UniteForParkinsons campaign to raise awareness of Parkinson’s by uniting the international Parkinson’s community.  You can help by:

  • Using the hashtag #UniteForParkinsons on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts 

Tuesday 11th April, marks the day to raise awareness for Parkinson’s by asking the entire Parkinson’s community to unite and spread the same message, globally.

For further information on this campaign or how you can become involved, please visit 

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