Parkinson's KinetiGraph featured in Dutch Parkinson Magazine

The October edition of the Dutch Parkinson Magazine, published by the Dutch Parkinson's disease Association, highlighted an interview with Anne van der Plas, neurologist at the Alrijne hospital in the Netherlands.  The interview describes how the PKG is used in their hospital and what it can illustrate.

'The Alrijne hospital participated in a national pilot project, based on the assumption that the number of Parkinson patients receiving advanced treatment is smaller than the number of patients that should be receiving this treatment.  We strongly suspect a general 'under-treatment' says the neurologist, 'We think that between ten and fifteen percent of people with Parkinson's should receive advanced therapy, while this is currently only two or three percent'.

By performing this pilot, the regional collaboration network which the Alrijne hospital is part of, concluded that the PKG-Watch is of a benefit to people that have difficulty explaining which part of the day their symptoms worsen.

The study showed that people could be under-treated, while their story did not reveal this. But also for patients themselves, it can give insights seeing the analysis. It may be that someone is afraid to increase the medication, or that the patient is thinks that 'this is part of it'. By seeing the graphs, the patient may be convinced that an adjustment of medication is necessary.

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